Brand identity creation and packaging design to disrupt an overcrowded market.

Understand First

We were approached by independent distillers Artistry & Ethanol to bring their two gin offerings to life in a way which would cut through the dense mass which is the ‘boutique gin’ market. Both had strong differentiating propositions which needed dramatising in both the aesthetic and the structure.

Beautiful Thinking

Palace X, as our line proclaims, is ‘deliciously disturbing’ gin. With a devilish 50% proof and made with ‘herbs from Hell’, this is a product full of anarchy and alchemy. The design reflected this. Its blood-red bottle symbolised the blood on the palace walls ‘come the revolution’. The whole design reeks of salaciousness and indulgence and the door etched into the front appears to be a portal down into the infernal flames. On the shoulders of the bottle the medieval herbs are represented like frescoes on a satanic temple. The gin market has seen a considerable rise in the ‘theatre’ of its packaging but our Beautiful Thinking for Palace X takes this to new heights (and depths).

To show the variety of the Artistry & Ethanol range, the other ‘original’ gin to be developed was ‘Licks’, a sugar gin. Sugar gin had been popular in the 1920’s, beloved of the Scott Fitzgerald set. Licks sought to bring this ‘spirit’ back but for the 21st century. The playful type with the licking ‘L’ and the picnic bottle shape combined with the surreal imagery to completely shake the traditional gin landscape. It echoed the decadence of a century ago but in a way that a new set of Flappers could celebrate their own Roaring Twenties with Both Palace X and Licks demonstrated the agency’s ability to not only give a brand a memorable aesthetic but also to give it a soul. To make Brand Identity mean exactly that. An identity. A personality.

Brand Identity, Packaging Design

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