We are an independent Brand Elevation Agency based in London. The Partners took over an existing agency in 2017 and renamed it and rebranded it Free The Birds. This reflects our dual values of creativity and compassion. When Leonardo Da Vinci would go for a walk around his native Florence, if he saw any caged birds, he would buy them and set them free. Leonardo may have been history’s most legendary Beautiful Thinker and Beautiful Thinking is what is at the heart of Free The Birds and what characterises the work we do.



Brand Auditing
Brand Research
Brand Strategy
Brand Naming
Brand Positioning
Brand Personality
Brand Manifesto


Brand Identity
Brand Architecture
Brand Packaging
Brand Tone Of Voice
Brand Art Direction
Brand Style


Brand Print Production
Brand Structure Guidance
Brand Guidelines
Brand Communication
Brand Video Content
Brand Social Content
Brand Films
Brand Photography


We have developed a unique way of working which has proved both popular and successful with our Clients. As part of the creative process, we take people to three Brand Islands. These are potential worlds which the brand can live in, a vision of what a brand can look and sound like, a taste of the future. Using this framework, our Clients can plot a course for their brands according to the way their hearts and their heads lead them and which island they decide to settle on.

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