Free the birds

From Personal care, Haircare and Skincare, to Cosmetics, Fragrances and Beauty Tech, we’ve worked with the smallest of entrepreneurial start-ups to some of the world’s biggest brands.

We have helped create some of the world’s most iconic and successful OTC & Health brands. Through a deep appreciation of the visual and physical cues and of the regulatory limitations in the self-care and OTC marketplace.

From detergents to fabric enhancers, we have worked on the most famous and loved household brands, embracing innovations in formulations, packaging and sustainability.

Staying ahead of shifts in consumer culture, we have helped leading brands shape ownable identities and find their unique place in people’s lives.

CIWF_Free The Birds

We have elevated those brands, companies and organisations who drive change for good and helped build a platform for those whose resources haven’t allowed them the attention they deserve.