A refreshed brand architecture for Olay
Re-energizing innovation through design. Supporting access to new consumers. Ensuring relevance for long term success.

Understand First

A brand with deep heritage, Olay sought a brand revitalisation which carried its history forward, whilst elevating its proposition and strengthening brand presence across the portfolio.


Beautiful Thinking

Making sense of the Brand Architecture was a key foundation in redefining the portfolio and building opportunity spaces to attract new consumers. As part of our brand revitalisation work for Olay, we defined a clear visual framework for the base, premium and boutique tiers to ensure seamless navigation and findability of products. We then delivered elevated designs for all ranges, that delivered on both simplicity and stopping power.


“The partnership with Free The Birds has been truly invaluable in developing Olay’s brand image – and now we have a design system that adapts and tailors to our needs. They really are the beauty experts.”

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