Reimagining the heritage of No7
A Limited Edition twist on an iconic logo. Communicating core values. Unifying brand architecture under a single campaign idea.

Understand First

After a difficult period of segregation during the pandemic, No7 sought to launch a Limited Edition lipstick on International Happiness Day 2022, celebrating the end of mandatory face coverings in the UK and the return of smiles.

Beautiful Thinking

At the heart of the campaign was ‘Universal Smiles’, a brand idea which supported an overarching strategy to unify all aspects including logo, packaging, naming and communications.

To ensure the “Unstoppable Together” collection packaging remained recognisable, we adapted the iconic No7 logo to create impact in a small space. By including a smile icon that sits naturally within the “o” of No7, we aimed to put a smile on the customer’s face.

In-store marketing leveraged No7’s “Unstoppable Together” tagline to create key visuals which merged brand and purpose, creating the slogan “Smile, You’re Unstoppable”.

Brand strategy, Packaging Design, Artwork, Brand Guidelines

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