A bold new identity for INNOCOS
Community spirit within a dynamic design system. A platform for growth. Elevated identity amongst global leaders.

Understand First

INNOCOS is the leading global summit and thought leadership platform which brings together key figures in cosmetics, personal care and fragrance industries. Founder, Iryna Kremin, sought a new visual identity for the organisation which communicated the significance of INNOCOS in engaging with the most prominent figures of these powerful industries, alongside its core values of collaboration, empowerment, and a passion for excellence.

Beautiful Thinking

A distinctive circle icon symbolises the essence of INNOCOS: people coming together. Designed to speak to INNOCOS’ dedication to fostering connections, celebrating shared interests, and driving progress, the bold circles also allow for the implementation of a dynamic system which helps members to navigate through all that the organisation, its festivals and the thought leadership platform has to offer. It is designed to create a flexible, fresh means of communicating each of these key categories, whilst creating a robust foundation for the addition of new pillars in the future. With such a diverse, rich offering, this ability to visualise flexibility in the layering of digital, social and print mediums is a vital consideration.

Cobalt blue has been selected as the primary colour, which is connected to nature, sky, and water, and reflects the soothing and peaceful vibes of INNOCOS’ events. The colour represents stability, calmness, and the natural elements surrounding the industry experts in attendance. This vibrant colour also reflects the bold and future-facing nature of INNOCOS, built on a foundation of innovation.

“Over the past year, INNOCOS has been on an incredible journey of growth and evolution. As we expanded our focus from being a senior executive marketing and innovation summit in cosmetics and personal care to embracing wellness, longevity, and health, we realised the need for a more vital, more recognisable branding to reflect our new direction. As we embark on this transformative journey into 2024, every aspect of our brand is open for reinvention, and Free the Birds was the perfect partner to help us redefine our identity.”

Iryna Kremin, founder of INNOCOS

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