Award-winning design for Eleni + Chris
Recognition amongst major premium brands. Global growth accelerated by design. Rich brand DNA communicated in visual identity.

Understand First

Eleni & Chris was set to launch with the Salon Signature Collection – a premium salon professional haircare range, competing against major global brands. The launch needed to establish the brand as the Scandinavian experts in haircare; secure distribution and a platform for growth; and take market share from established rivals.


Beautiful Thnking

The visual identity reflected the dual natures of the mother-daughter co-founders, Inger Ellen and Christinah, and the unique beauty of the Scandinavian environment, one of extremes. We encapsulated the brand DNA in the proposition, ‘Beautifully Different’.

Contrast was expressed via a simple diagonal graphic device, which can be flipped; matt versus shiny textures; lighter colours set against darker ones. Scandinavian nature is echoed by a muted colour scheme punctuated with hot accents. Packaging is clean, stripped back, minimal, and effortless – like Scandinavian beauty itself. The 3D geometric master logo is layered with different meanings: science, expertise, alchemy, and preciousness of the Scandinavian ingredients.


In just 3 years, Eleni & Chris became a fast-growing, highly-acclaimed, award-winning international haircare and skincare brand with no price promotions and only limited marketing spend, thanks to brand positioning, identity and packaging design.

Joachim Schwartzbach, Vice President, Eleni & Chris

“Without the positioning and brand design, Eleni & Chris Salon Signature Collection could never have been as successful as it is. We simply can’t compete with the marketing and promotional budgets of big global salon professional brands, so the packaging design has to really work hard for us. Salons are telling us that customers always ask about it because the design is ownable, has a strong on shelf impact, and is very differentiated from competitors.” 


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