Compassion in World Farming: A campaign to challenge the everyday
A simple yet compelling message. Branding to create sustainable communication. Significant amplification of the platform.

Understand First

Eating more plants is good for the health of people and the planet. Compassion In World Farming wanted to lobby the world’s leading food companies to make them reduce the amount of meat-based protein in their production chain by 25% by 2025.


Beautiful Thinking

Originally only briefed for an identity, we created the concept of Friendly Food as well as multiple assets which encouraged consumers to adjust their eating habits rather than lecturing or shaming them. We needed a gentler, more charming approach to coax consumers into taking the first steps towards a more meat-free diet. A day at a time, a day which the animals ‘get off’. With only a small budget at our disposal, we also concentrated on making a simple film which used the most compelling image which could both deliver the message and be the key feature of that message – the mouth.


Sign-ups to join the movement surpassed all expectations. And for those already eating plants and want to take it to the next level, sign-ups for amplifying impact increased through the changemaker programme.

“Free The Birds gave us a global platform for our campaign as well as engaging and impactful communication ideas which can take us to another level. Their work has given us added momentum.”

CIWF Identity Design
Brand strategy, Brand Identity, Artwork

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