Brand revitalisation for Clarity & Co.
Inclusivity in identity. Visuals to reflect passion and energy. Elevation of brand purpose.

Understand First

This 165 year old charity uses a unique business model to assist members of communities with limited opportunities. They don’t ask for donations, they ask for working hours for disabled and disadvantaged people, made possible by purchasing from personal care and cleaning brands manufactured by their committed workforce.

Beautiful Thinking

We delivered a new identity, manifesto and communications platform, as well as assets, all of which helped to focus activity, raise the profile of the charity and attract new investors. The fresh visual identity communicated the charity as an inclusive, safe place to work for everyone, using clean, iconic and vibrant visuals which represents the passion and energy of the charity. This ultimately supported the goal of guaranteeing future employment for a significant number of disenfranchised people. After our involvement, the charity underwent organisational pressures which unfortunately compromised the effectiveness of our work.


“Free The Birds brought together the unique spirit and purpose we have here at CLARITY & Co. Our new identity really captures that sense of people finding their place. I’m overwhelmed by everything the team has done, it’s more than we could have wished for.”

Clarity & Co brand identity design
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