Building brand heritage for Charlotte Mensah
Authenticity and integrity in brand history. Design to communicate identity. Crafting a luxury brand.

Understand First

The premium hair care range from award-winning hairstylist Charlotte Mensah, aimed at the Afro and curly hair market, sought to reflect Charlotte’s own heritage and style, especially her roots in Northern Namibia and Ghana.


Beautiful Thinking

Design of the three-product Manketti Oil Collection posed the challenge of doing justice to the integrity and heritage of the brand, by embodying Charlotte’s character, style and skill. The design fuses her Ghanaian roots with her urban London life with the use of patterns and textures from her home and gloss and metallic foils from the city. 

Visually, the abstract shapes come together to form Charlotte’s initials. The opaque bottle finishes in either white or black, combined with dark colours in gold and copper foil that catch the light.

“The team has been brilliant in coming up a brand identity and packaging design that’s as much about me as it is about the luxuriousness of products themselves.”

Charlotte Mensah, award-winning hairstylist, owner and artistic director of Hair Lounge

Charlotte Mensah Packaging Design
Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Artwork, Print Management

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