King's School Canterbury
Branding to embody a rich history. Consolidation of schools under a unified vision. Heritage championed in design.

Understand First

The King’s School Canterbury, the oldest school in England and one of the most prestigious in the world, sought a revitalisation of its brand which unified the collective’s individual schools. A new, contemporary identity that embodies the school’s ethos, values and rich history whilst looking toward the future.

Beautiful Thinking

Our team created a refreshed brand architecture which creates strong recognition for and unification of the multitude of offers within King’s, including the overseas schools and the Old King’s Scholars Association.

Central to the revitalisation is the logo, which features the shield of Canterbury Cathedral alongside a modernised sans-serif bespoke typeface. The typeface has been customised for King’s, including the apostrophe which resembles a part of the shield icon. 

The core colour, ‘King’s Blue’, is the heritage colour of the shield of Canterbury Cathedral, while a secondary palette of colours is inspired by the stone colours found around Canterbury Cathedral, with patterns featured across materials also inspired by the architecture of the iconic Cathedral.

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