Beautiful Thinking.

The rubrics of Kubrick: “Every detail of design has the potential to tell its own story”

“He got his assistants to go out in London to take hundreds of photos of red doors to find the exact right one for his film, Eyes Wide Shut. It’s only in the film for a split second, but there’s so much detail that’s gone into it. It’s madness.”

Cites our Dom on his Beautiful Thinker, Stanley Kurbrick.

“The thing that attracted me to his films initially, was his stylised feel of the films. Visually, they look really cool but it was later on – when I started to read more about them – that there are multiple layers of detail, symbolism and critical thinking that goes into creating one film’s universe.”

A master filmmaker of the 20th century still impressing the industry since his passing in 1999. Stanley Kubrick’s purposeful approach to film design has produced some of the most renowned motion pictures of the 20th century. A Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Full Metal Jacket. All of which are Dom’s favourites, referencing Kurbick’s time-defying sci-fi film (A Space Odyssey) as the direct inspiration for the likes of Nolan’s 2014 Interstellar.

“His films are all really different, but have small details and quirks that link them all together to give them a signature Kubrick look and feel.”
And it’s that symmetry in set design, cinematography and character development that excites Dom about Kubrick’s method to film direction.

“These films look incredible – the costume and set design are super stylised and have a consistent dystopian and psychedelic feel. And I think that’s what attracts me to the films, as it brings together all my interests of design, music, fashion and science fiction.”

“In ‘A Clockwork Orange’, when the main character is in his bedroom, you see how every part of his room has been carefully curated. From the spiky textured bedding to represent uncomfortability, to a painting on the wall depicting the character’s future, and a rod extruding out of the wall to perfectly align with the painting when the camera is in place to make the viewer feel on edge. It’s these little details that are really immersing you in the story.”

Being an intensely detailed oriented creative is how Kubrick’s beautiful thinking has left a mark on Dom’s approach, recalling how influential the film director was during Dom’s time studying Fine Arts at university. And Stanley Kubrick’s formulae for beautiful thinking at the development stage is what inspires Dom at Free The Birds. Particularly with a current client as we conceptualise an upcoming photoshoot for a 360-branding project. Dom has been influenced by Kubrick’s sets – being a key visual stimuli on his moodboard ahead of the production stage.

Dom White / Client Services / Free The Birds
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