Beautiful Thinking.

Royal portraits & unique characterisation: Noma Bar’s beautiful thinking

“His ability to see past the negative shapes and create something so unique and inspiring each and every time,”

our Creative Lead Sachin Kavia details his beautiful thinker, Noma Bar:“His presence was so powerful and his push for ideas was so motivational.”

Influencing Sachin throughout his career and creative approach, he describes Noma’s method as “strong yet simple” while reflecting on a fond memory.

“I truly love all his work. I witnessed him working on the Princess Diana portrait whilst on placement at my very first agency.”

Sachin sees Noma Bar as a beautiful thinker for “the way he creates beautiful graphics, mainly portraits that capture the person”, in which his royal muses don’t stop at Diana: “It was amazing to see his work again, recently for Time Out, and this time for the late Queen. Still able to capture so much in a simple image.”

And that creative technique is what inspires Sachin every day here at Free The Birds – exemplifying the identity work for Caroline Hirons.

“I’ve always tried to think of ways in which I can bring a simple idea to every mark, design or illustration I work on for our clients to give them that unique character.”

Sachin leverages simplicity to tell the story of a product on limited spaces, like product packaging. Or tell enough of a narrative for character-surplus brands, describing the uniqueness and identity of a brand lies in key elements – typography and communication style for example.

Noma Bar’s influence hasn’t only transcended down to Sachin, but has clearly impressed a greater suite of designers as deceptively simple continues to be a key trend in brand design. “I always look for and get excited when I see simple ideas brought to life in logos, typography and illustrations which are so simple and just obvious but really well executed.” 

And what is Sachin’s biggest takeaway from Noma Bar’s beautiful thinking?

“His general rule of practice that less is more and about the commercial and social impact our work and ideas have, changing the way we think and communicate.”
Sachin Kavia – Creative Lead @ Free The Birds
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