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Q&A with Re-sources’ Eva Lagarde – Our Key Takeaways

Last month we had the pleasure of hosting Re-Sources Founder and CEO, Eva Lagarde for a Q&A session with the team, where we had the opportunity to ask questions about sustainable packaging in the beauty industry.

Eva is an expert in the sustainability of beauty packaging and has founded Re-Sources which is an online resource which supports those in the beauty sphere to make informed decisions about sustainable marketing claims. Here are our key takeaways from the session.

CMA UK Green Claims Code

Published in 2021 by the Competition and Market Authority (CMA), the Green Claims Code is designed to help businesses understand and comply with their existing obligations. This means that not only are green claims being scrutinised by the CMA but both retailers and consumers are more aware and are taking a stricter approach to ‘greenwashing’ and are questioning green claims are they feel are ambiguous. Definitely something for brands to pay attention to and ensure green claims can be demonstrated fully.

Macro-Trends in a Post-Covid Era

Consumers entered a new world of trends and ways of investing in beauty products during the pandemic. Re-Sources put together a report on the key trends which have emerged post-covid.

  • Transparency, consumers now expect more from brands in terms of sustainability going beyond packaging to sustainable sourcing and brand ethics.
  • Social responsibility, consumers want brands to do more for the planet and people and make strong commitments to equality and social justice.
  • Inclusive Beauty is more than just skin tone. Brands are starting to cater for those with disabilities with inclusive packaging.
  • Technology enables brands to create exciting new product innovations and tackle issues of over-consumption, plastic waste, and inclusivity


Recycling – a messy reality

Because recycling involves so many aspects, it’s difficult to get an accurate picture of what’s occurring on a global level. Re-Source has found that actually most beauty packaging is not recyclable and common design traits can actually hinder recyclability. These can include complex labelling, dark plastics, metalized labels and thick plastic walls. Many pumps and caps can’t be recycled and anything under 5cm is usually thrown into landfill. These are all things to consider when marketing your product as “recyclable” as the reality may be very different.

The team enjoyed hearing Eva’s expertise on issues of greenwashing and recycling and Re-sources offers an invaluable wealth of information for both ourselves and brands to learn more about sustainability.

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