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Exploring the Beauty Industry and Insights from The INNOCOS Summit

Stepping outside the confines of your own business and attending industry events is not only crucial for reflection on your current work, but also for the opportunity to connect and share experiences with others.

The generosity and transparency within the beauty industry never cease to amaze me.

From founders to marketers, and from multinational corporations to independent businesses, everyone is overwhelmingly open to sharing their learnings, knowledge, and experiences. In contrast, as someone working in the design community, I have often found it to be a more closed-off environment, reminiscent of a football or tribal mentality. However, attending the two-day INNOCOS conference was a refreshing change. The event was packed with back-to-back speakers, workshop sessions, and panel discussions, serving as a helpful barometer for gauging industry buzzwords, trends, and consumer insights.

The event featured remarkable talks from influential figures such as Angela Cretu from Avon, Jason Harcup from Unilever, Suze College from SpaceNK and Irina Barbalova from Euromonitor.

Additionally, I had the privilege of hosting a panel discussion with three female founders from the women’s wellness space.

Female wellness emerged as a prominent theme throughout the conference, with numerous speakers highlighting the accelerating advances in women’s health and the promising commercial prospects that lie within this realm. Embracing women’s wellness requires a holistic approach that considers integrated physical, nutritional, emotional, and lifestyle factors. Exploring white spaces, category adjacencies, and technological integration, while fostering inclusivity and accessibility, are all critical in maximizing value for consumers, society, and businesses alike.

Another noteworthy topic that gained considerable attention at the conference was sexual wellness and liberation. Talks ranged from CBD-infused lube, provocatively named “F*ing Good,” to Dr. Viviane Karl’s Pharmacy Lube. In recent years, there has been a significant rise in brands focusing on female sexual health and wellness. This surge in attention reflects society’s increasing recognition of the importance of women’s sexual well-being and empowerment.

Topics that were once considered taboo or stigmatized are now gaining mainstream acceptance, presenting exciting opportunities for brands to enter the market and cater to women’s diverse needs.

The field of female sexual health and wellness is witnessing a surge in research and innovation. Brands are investing in advanced sexual wellness devices, biohacking solutions, and scientifically backed formulations. A key takeaway from the conference was the importance of listening to what women need and want. By gathering data from your audience, you can make informed decisions about female health and identify white space opportunities in the market. Staying updated on cutting-edge research will enable your company to stay at the forefront of women’s wellness.

A successful approach involves combining real-life services with online support to maintain ongoing communication with patients. Providing repeat prescriptions and even offering tests to monitor their well-being can enhance convenience and quality of care. Talks from esteemed professionals underscored the importance of building trust in the digital presence by offering real-person support alongside it. As consumers increasingly crave hybrid models of healthcare, finding the right balance between digital and in-person experiences is crucial.Attending the INNOCOS conference not only provided valuable insights into the beauty industry but also reaffirmed the significance of collaboration and knowledge sharing. The event served as a reminder that fostering open dialogue and embracing new perspectives can lead to innovative solutions and growth within our respective fields.

In conclusion, the beauty industry continues to evolve, and events like INNOCOS play a vital role in keeping professionals informed, inspired, and connected.

By staying engaged with industry trends, embracing emerging opportunities, and valuing the needs of consumers, businesses can position themselves for success in an ever-changing market landscape.

Written by Partner and Creative Director, Nick Vaus
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