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From Grey to Yay: The Influence of Camille Walala

In the vibrant world of art murals, few names stand out as boldly as that of French born, London-based artist Camille Walala.

Known for her huge, explosive murals and kaleidoscopic designs, Walala has this ability to infuse spaces with a distinct and child-like sense of wonder and excitement. Camille Walala’s portfolio is dominated by full-scale façade murals, immersive 3D installations, interiors and street design all of which are characterised by vivid patterns which jump out against what are often grey cityscapes.

Finding inspiration in Walala’s work, both professionally and personally, is our very own Client Services Director, Emily. Emily’s connection with Camille Walala’s art is rooted in the vibrancy and energy it injects into the space.

As she puts it, “Her use of primary colours, especially that vivid azure blue, resonates with me so personally. Her work exudes positivity and has the power to really transform any space into a joyful experience.”

Describing herself as an optimist, Emily is drawn to the positive impact that Walala’s murals have on the spaces they inhabit. She finds that Walala’s style, reminiscent of the iconic Memphis design from the 80s, evokes a certain nostalgia, transporting her to the era she was born and raised in.

Emily’s first encounter with Camille Walala’s work was a burst of colour on an otherwise grey morning commute.

“I remember passing by a huge mural she displayed in Shoreditch on my way into the office one morning, vividly. It brought this sense of instant happiness on what was a pretty mundane Monday morning. It ignited my curiosity, and I went on to explore more of her creations.”

In her professional role, Emily draws inspiration from Walala’s approach to design. Whilst not herself a designer, Emily strives to inject positivity in the projects she is involved in.

“I would always encourage us to create work which feels distinctive, joyful and impactful for both the client and consumer.”

Walala has worked more broadly too, and she has designed promotional work for popular household names. Her work with Lego perfectly reflects her geometric and playful style which matches the brand ethos so well. And her work with brands like Armani and Harrods has injected a sense of fun into what are otherwise perceived as serious luxury brands.

Emily explains, “Walala’s ability to create designs that are both playful and sophisticated aligns perfectly with the experiences brands like Harrods, Lego, and Armani aim to provide. Her work has redefined luxury, injecting life into retail spaces, and creating immersive environments that resonate with people of all ages.”

Beyond her professional life, Emily has found some personal motivation in Walala’s art.

“Walala’s philosophy of injecting positivity into the mundane is such a fabulous attitude to have. It’s certainly a reminder for me to approach challenges with a positive mindset.”

The inspiration drawn from Walala’s work has further prompted Emily to take up painting again. Part of this were her recent travels to Mauritius where Emily stayed at the SALT Hotel on the island. Walala had been commissioned to paint its interior as one of her first main architectural collaborations back in 2018. Using the colours and patterns of traditional Mauritius, Camille Walala created a bold and harmonious design for the interior of the building that really captured the island’s fresh and playful outlook.

Emily recounts staying at the SALT Hotel, saying, “I joined an art class where I painted a canvas inspired by the hotel’s interior and the passage to the beach. Concentrating on the straight lines and geometric patterns in Walala’s work allowed me to focus and escape, connecting fully in the moment. It was a great opportunity to get really stuck into my creative side, something I haven’t touched on in any great detail since my art A-Level!”

Camille Walala’s art has this fabulous ability to inject emotion and a certain playful energy into what can often be quite a visually ordinary city life.


As Emily puts it,
“Walala’s art has taught me that vibrant colours and bold designs can transcend canvas and walls, inspiring us to infuse our lives with positivity and creativity.”
For Emily, Camille Walala’s art is a reminder that a little colour and positivity can go a long way in renewing our creative energy.
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