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Free as a Bird: Transform Magazine’s Twitter Redesign

With much talk and online polls suggesting Elon Musk might stand down as Twitter CEO, Transform Magazine asked if a rebrand could be what the social media firm needs?

Our design and communications team put their heads together to reimagine a new direction for the site for Transform Magazine’s latest piece on Rebranding Twitter.

Twitter has long lived as a platform to express your views and opinions on subjects current and longstanding, controversial and silly. But recently we seem to let our thoughts fly into the world with less consideration for others, unwilling to listen and experience an opinion that differs from our own. With this increasing polarity perhaps a new branding message and look could be what the platform is looking for.

This new direction encourages users to not only express themselves but listen to others and find joy in respectful conversation which is why our little bird has grown up into a wise owl.

The introduction of the two symmetrical sides reminds us of our love of dialogue, discourse and conversation and that each of the sides in that debate are equal. Messaging-wise we want to reassert Twitter’s unique value as a tool for communicating views but also to champion considered commentary, with the added brand line

‘Let’s be wise with our words’.
FTB Free The Birds
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