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2024 trend forecasting with Cosmetics Business Trend Report
The top 5 supplements trends of 2024

Following a busy final month of 2023 in which we revealed our team’s biggest predictions for the new year ahead, we were excited to see more discussions on the products, themes and industries which are already sparking conversations for 2024. Our co-founder and Managing Partner, Nick Vaus, was on hand to discuss these predictions with Jo Allen and Cosmetics Business Trend Report.


The top 5 supplements trends of 2024

As the market for beauty supplements booms – and with no sign of slowing down – Nick highlighted the growing demand for products which can serve multiple needs.

““There is significant growth in the demand for crossover products between beauty and wellness.

“The mind-body trend expected to dominate 2024 sees the concept of self care accelerating as consumers gain an increased understanding of how their internal mechanisms affect their external appearance.

“Holistic wellness is officially set to go mainstream.”

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Why ready-to-drink beverages are making a splash in beauty

A great example of one of our 2024 trend themes – JOY – Ready-to-drink beauty beverages combining playful design with an ability to simplify a skincare regime…without sacrificing efficacy. 

“Beauty drinks have the opportunity to inject some joy into your routine, eradicating guilt by simplifying and streamlining, without feeling like you are sacrificing efficacy or efficiency.

“There is growing consumer demand for brands to do the work for consumers in providing ready-made solutions to support sustainable living. Beauty drinks that achieve this while taking the fuss away from their daily skin care regime will see success.”

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The gut health trend tackling skin conditions from within

There are an increasing number of consumers who are seeking broader solutions to ongoing skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis. This is combined with a growing understanding of how the gut can positively and negatively impact our skin. 

Companies which are catering to this demand, are also recognising their customers are more science-savvy than ever before, and are seeking products which meet their insightful demands. 

“The changing face of acne opens up new significance for products which support the gut, and therefore the skin.

“Advancements in skin care technology are pushing consumers away from products which have a harsh effect on the skin while attempting to tackle acne. Products which work from within to support the root causes are taking over.”

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Supplements packaging design has turned joyful for this reason

The opportunities that haptic packaging – one of our top 2024 trend predictions – is something which designers, brands and customers alike should be excited by. 

The chance to be playful, be sustainable, be creative in these key finishing touches for a more engaging customer experience. 

“Haptic packaging refers to packaging designs that deliberately engage the sense of touch. It involves creating a tactile experience for consumers when they interact with the product’s packaging.

“This can include the use of distinctive textures, finishes, or materials that evoke a sensory response when touched or held.”

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