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By 2050 our oceans are predicted to contain more plastic than fish.

With scary statistics like this consumers are more aware than ever around issues of not only sustainable products but eco-friendly packaging. Inspired by this, brands are looking to design away from single use plastic in new and innovate ways. Here are five inspiring brands we have put together to showcase the work they’re doing to improve sustainability in their product lines.

Pangea Organic Plantable Packaging

Pangea is an organic, sustainable skincare brand which began with its founder, Joshua, mixing homemade soap in his garage in the late 90s. In 2006 the brand partnered with IDEO to launch a world-first plantable beauty packaging using 100% post-consumer moulded fibre. Alongside this, they initiated a totally plastic free mission and a recyclable aluminium range which details their Fairtrade practices and sustainable products. These switches have reduced the need for raw materials and decreases their carbon footprint.


In a world first, feminine hygiene brand Fluus have created a totally biodegradable and flushable period pad. The Flushtec techonology used in their products has been awarded the WIS 04-02-06 certificate – the official benchmark for UK flushability standards. Their pads, made from 70% natural plant fibres, have helped reduce the 56% of period products which typically end up in landfill across the UK. One of the company’s founders, Aaron Koshy is committed to the cause,

“People should not be forced to create permanent waste every month by companies that have not innovated. Our waste should not outlive us”.

With so few makeup products being recycled due to a lack of effective infrastructure, there is a huge sustainability problem within the beauty industry. In an effort to reduce wastage and support industry circularity Paperfoam was designed as a sustainable packaging alternative for cosmetics. The packaging is made from industrial potato starch and moulded cellulose and is completely compostable, recyclable and reusable. They can create fun and eco-friendly packaging for make-up brands and are able to customise it with colours to strengthen brand identity.

Stella McCartney’s Skincare Line

Fashion designer Stella McCartney’s new skincare range is reflective of her dedication to environmental causes. Designed with sustainability in mind the products are refillable and their 88% recycled plastic pumps are reusable and sourced from Plastic Bank, a non-profit which prevents ocean plastic. The refill pouches are made from a wood-based bioplastic as opposed to raw materials and comes from recycled fibre. McCartney highlights her commitment to sustainability,

“everything we create has an impact [on the environment]. It’s our responsibility to minimise this as much as possible.”

Tood, a newly established beauty brand, based in the US, has used their philosophy of creativity and experimentation to produce a first-to-market certified biodegradable BioGlitter. The glitter is designed to be used by “everybody, everywhere”, as lip-gloss, eyeshadow or cheek highlighter; Tood invites the consumer to use their imagination in their application. The glitter itself is made from non-toxic, plastic-free, plant cellulose making it totally biodegradable in as little as 28 days.

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