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Championing the Change Makers: Octavia Hamilton, Xena Life and the art of making strong women stronger

Womanhood is a joyous, complex, and confusing journey, which – even with the wisdom of generations behind us – can cause periods of significant stress during major life stages.

With more options available to us, societal norms and expectations shifting, and the gender gap showing no signs of closing, what it means to be a woman today is more nuanced than ever before.

In particular, pregnancy, birth and the first experiences of motherhood are some of the biggest challenges a woman will ever face in her lifetime; few are prepared for the effects this seismic shift can have on their lives. 

Octavia Hamilton, founder of Xena Life, took her experience of this incredible, life-altering period and embarked on a venture designed to support other women experiencing pregnancy, motherhood, womanhood, at their most empowered. Xena Life is an invaluable resource which aims to provide support in as tailored a manner as possible to every woman’s unique needs, with a wealth of information and support available through this special platform.

There’s a reason why the proverb, “it takes a village” has stood the test of time. Xena Life aims to be that village.

Octavia’s background is centred around restoring resilience and confidence in her clients. From her work in physiotherapy – starting in musculoskeletal, later specialising in women’s health and a speciality in cancer rehabilitation as well as complex trauma rehabilitation – Octavia has consistently championed the physical and mental wellbeing of her clients who are dealing with phenomenally challenging stages of life. She believes that in having the right support, the right resources and the time to heal, incredible things can be achieved. It was this drive which led her to the conception of Xena Life. 

A lack of first-hand knowledge of an experience, let alone why certain things are occurring, is one of the most daunting prospects of embarking on a new journey such as motherhood. Knowledge is arguably one of the most empowering tools a woman can have, and with it, comes a sense of control and confidence. We live in a world today where there is better understanding of and greater investment in the connection between our mind and our body; Xena Life exists to put strength and resilience back into women’s control and ensure we are equipped with what we need to go forward with the support we need.

“The gender health gap is gaping, and there is still so far to go in-terms of educating women about their anatomy, hormones, and fertility.”

Feeling alone in the unknown territory that is major changes to our bodies is incredibly unsettling. Octavia and her team of multidisciplinary experts have been brought together to support and nurture a connection between the mind and the body. By utilising exercise and physical strength to nourish our mental health, Xena Life supports women in building the confidence needed to approach new territory with an open mind, to seek answers unafraid, and to explore options available to us which can help to regain control. 

In bringing together this group of experts, Xena Life has become a hub of information, explanations, tips and treatments for the body and the mind. With unbiased information at your disposal, offering a broad view of not only your individual condition, but also the choices available to you.

“Exercise is the best medicine, especially when paired with simple biohacking and education.”

Octavia’s next goal is to see women through the hurdles that perimenopause and menopause can present – a period of life which often, even in these modern times of more open communication, remains shadowed under taboo. 

You can discover more about Octavia’s journey and the wealth of information and insights she has made available for women at Xena Life. download the app here and keep your feed fed with nurturing content from Xena Life’s Instagram.

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