Beautiful Thinking.

A studio fragrance workshop with Sarah McCartney

Creativity is what we do and what we celebrate.

In all its wonderful forms.

So, we were excited to welcome the magical, alchemical talents of Sarah McCartney for a fragrance workshop.

Sarah is a long-time friend of the agency and opened our eyes and noses to the complex and wonderful world of perfume creation.

She is a true Beautiful Thinker, finding evermore imaginative ways to conjure up memories and places in scents.

After a lunchtime spent sharing our own discoveries of the innovations which are transforming the fragrance category (to be published later in a special Free The Birds feature) Sarah helped the team to create their own personal perfumes, their own fragrance fingerprints to take away.

The air in the studio has never been more intoxicating.

Lastly, Sarah guided the team towards the formula for an inspiring (in every sense of the word) Beautiful Thinking scent, which, when released into the atmosphere, will stimulate the senses and the mind.

(More on this, much more, in months to come.)

A wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Like Sarah’s beautiful fragrances, it will linger with us for a long time.

FTB Free The Birds
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