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A Palette of Inspiration: Barry Blend’s art leaves a lasting impression for Account Director Lindsey Figarol

Art can be a hugely powerful tool that can evoke memories and emotions and inspiring us in ways we never imagined.

For Lindsey, Account Director at Free The Birds, her encounters with the art of Barry Blend have left an indelible mark on her both personally and professionally.

Barry Blend is a British born painter and sculptor, who today works in the south of France. It was there in the quiet fishing villages of the south coast where he first developed his own distinctive style of bright colours and soft forms. In 1984 he opened his first gallery in Collioure a fortified village in France where artists such as Matisse, Derain and Picasso have been known to paint.

Lindsey’s journey with Blend’s work began when she visited Collioure with her husband, who is local to the region on holiday. It was here that she first discovered Blend’s captivating work and his renowned depictions of the quaint seaside town. Lindsey was immediately drawn to his unique style, characterised by its bright colours and cheerful depictions of everyday scenes.

“I was instantly captivated by Blend’s art,” Lindsey reminisces. “His straightforward style with elementary clear strokes combines perfectly with these amazingly vibrant colours. It really resonates with me.”

What fascinated Lindsey most about Blend’s art was its ability to convey so much with so little. The simplicity of his compositions held a surprisingly profound depth, capturing the essence of the childhood joy of seaside scenes. As an Account Director in the design industry, Lindsey found a connection between Blend’s artistic philosophy and her own professional approach.

“I strive to find direct and straightforward visually impactful solutions for our clients,” Lindsey explains. “Barry Blend’s art has taught me the power of minimalism and how even clean and uncomplicated visuals can still evoke strong emotions. I believe that simplicity can create memorable experiences and leave a lasting impact for the brands we work with.”

Barry Blend’s art has become more than just an inspiration for Lindsey; it has become a guiding force.

She often finds herself contemplating his pieces when faced with creative challenges, seeking that perfect balance between simplicity and vibrancy.

“Blend’s art has taught me that less can truly be more,” Lindsey asserts. “When I’m confronted with a complex design problem, I think about his paintings and how he can convey so much with just a few bold strokes. It pushes me to think outside the box and find solutions that cut through the clutter.”

“If you look at a project like Sunday Riley, you can see how the power of colour can really make a brand stand out on the shelf. It’s not only instantly recognisable but reflects a sense of warmth and positivity that is reflective of the brands ethos, with the simple use of colour.”

Beyond the professional realm, Lindsey’s connection with Barry Blend’s art transcends into her personal life. Her numerous visits to the south of France, immersing herself in the local culture and enjoying the local cuisine have created cherished memories for her and her family.


“I enjoy Blend’s approach to life, he paints scenes that bring people joy and cheers them up rather than guiding them to some philosophical point. I don’t think I could ever appreciate the classic moody, French artists like I enjoy Blend’s work. It’s the expression of colour which I favour most and his palette is certainly more Matisse than Courbet”

Owning two of Barry Blend’s pieces herself Lindsey comments, “when you live with the art on the wall it can truly influence how you feel, you absorb it. Having something bright invites you in, making you feel positive and reminding you of happy memories.”

Like Barry Blend who has no official art training, Lindsey came to the design world from a totally different industry. Armed with a sports science degree, her unusual and competitive approach to the design industry has served her well.

“I think my background in sports science has given me a unique perspective in my role in client services,” Lindsey explains. “Just like Blend, who achieved success in the art world without formal training, I bring a different set of skills and mindset to the table. My competitive nature drives me to find innovative and effective solutions for our clients.”

For Lindsey Barry Blend’s work has been a continual source of inspiration both personally and professionally inspiring her to create innovative solutions for her clients.

In Lindsey’s eyes, the art of Barry Blend encapsulates the essence of what she strives for in her own creative endeavours – a visual representation of happiness paired with an almost childlike simplicity.

From that first fateful trip to Collioure, Blend’s vibrant yet wonderfully simple paintings instantly won Lindsey’s heart giving her a powerful connection to the region that will last a lifetime.

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