Re-establishing market-leading status for NIOXIN
Design to reflect premium product. Combining beauty and efficacy in design. Acceleration of market share against competitors.

Understand First

NIOXIN, the leading salon-professional premium brand for thinning hair, sought to strengthen its brand image in the North American market amongst its key audience of hair care professionals, most of whom purchase products at shelf select stores.

Beautiful Thinking

We created a premium feel for the brand by drawing on the parallel worlds of science and beauty expertise. The colour palette reflects the brand essence of ‘renewal’ against a background of laboratory white, whilst typography communicates a clear information hierarchy. Icons communicate a range of systems and benefits, including the ‘5 Effects Promise’ which demonstrates the brand’s high efficacy. The result is a clean, easily navigable design with strong beauty and efficacy cues, and a platform for new variants to enter the market with high credibility.

“The redesign significantly improved the product offering – the more premium new look has allowed a substantial price increase, and is easier to see and understand on shelf. It clearly differentiates NIOXIN from the competition as the best range on the market. As testimony to this, sales have seen a sharp increase against a very challenging market.”

George Frantzis, Global Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble

Packaging Design, Artwork, Print Management

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