Accelerating international sales for Buscopan
Global brand consolidation. Clear communication of core propositions. Overcoming regulatory hurdles in design.

Understand First

Following a switch from pharmacy to OTC, Buscopan sales stalled internationally. Buscopan required our support in masterminding a global brand consolidation and naming hierarchy that overcame local consumer and regulatory hurdles, and a redesign which focused on customer’s needs.


Beautiful Thinking

Our work sought to position Buscopan as the ‘abdominal specialist’, with clear navigation across pillars. Indication, formats and dosage needed to be instinctive. This was achieved through a central idea; targeted relief is expressed through a single, relevant, and universal visual icon. This future-facing, consolidating image demonstrates the core of the brand proposition. Pack design ensured a focus on customer’s emotions, and provided the reassurance that goes along with a higher priced product.


Our work delivered a return on investment within 14 days. Within 2 years, Bucsopan became BI’s fastest growing OTC brand, with sales subsequently increasing by 114% in 4 years.

Buscopan Packaging Design
Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Artwork, Print Management

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