A decade of innovation for Aussie
A once unknown discovery brand dominates the UK. Bold innovation married with creativity. Captivating seasonal offerings to capture consumer attention.

Understand First

In the realm of beauty and discovery, a brand emerges from the shadows to claim its crown as the leading conditioning brand in the UK and beyond. 

Beautiful Thinking

Over a decade of meticulous brand nurturing, our work with Aussie saw a journey of cost-effective solutions, innovative ideas, and strategic initiatives unfold, propelling this once-hidden gem to the forefront of the market.

With a strategic blend of Beautiful Thinking and a commitment to delivering excellence, the secret sauce lies in the continuous infusion of bold and creative initiatives. Limited Editions and seasonal offerings that keep customers coming back for more. Our work supported the brand’s fast and agile approach, as well as its ability to anticipate market trends and consumer needs.

More to life than hair but it's a good place to start...

This word-of-mouth brand has not only captured the hearts of its local audience but has also paved the way for year-on-year growth. As the brand solidifies its position as the number one conditioning brand in the UK, it sets its sights on conquering new territories in Europe and beyond. The stage is set for a global expansion fuelled by a decade of strategic planning, innovative thinking, and cost-effective solutions.


“In a world where competition is fierce, this discovery brand stands tall, a shining example of how a decade of dedication can turn a relatively unknown entity into a powerhouse in the beauty industry. The journey may have started in obscurity, but it’s the brand’s commitment to excellence and its ability to embrace change that has propelled it to unparalleled success.”

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