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Eleni & Chris

An Indie Beauty Expo Sensation

The Indie Beauty Expo is a firm fixture on the U.S. beauty circuit, having launched in New York in 2015, and subsequently expanding to Los Angeles and Dallas.

Most recently, the Indie Beauty Expo hopped across the pond to London for its first ever European show, at the Old Truman Brewery.

And we absolutely loved it.

More than seventy brands exhibited from across the globe – noticeably, a majority were organic, vegan, cruelty-free and natural, as a given.

Out of the seventy exhibiting brands, seven were chosen for Feelunique’s Spark Beauty platform.

Face Masks_Visual

One of Feel Unique’s chosen brands was Eleni & Chris, a Norway-based hair and skincare collection created by mother and daughter duo Ellen and Christinah Nicolaisen.

What is so exciting about the brand is the way it challenges Scandi beauty’s expected minimalism by bringing a beautifully glamorous twist to the category as well as highlighting Scandinavian ingredients like cloudberry and SEA3oil™.

Eleni Woods Group Render

We’ve been working with the team since it’s incarnation, with the initial brief of establishing Eleni & Chris as the Scandinavian experts in haircare, and to create a platform for future growth in haircare and beauty.

Eleni Chromin Group Render

Inspiration for our branding, positioning and design came from two sources. The first was mother and daughter co-founders Inger Ellen and Christinah who, though very different in background and approach, share an extraordinary level of drive, passion, and creativity, rooted in and inspired by their Scandinavian home. The second was the calmness and beauty of Scandinavia itself.

We encapsulated the Eleni & Chris brand DNA in the proposition ‘Beautifully Different’.

Eleni Haircare Group 72dpi

Our thread across the brand’s entire visual story was the idea of contrast to reflect the dual nature of Eleni & Chris; the dynamic energies of the brand’s founders; and the Scandinavian environment, which is one of extremes.


Our design expressed contrast via a simple diagonal graphic device which can be flipped; matt versus shiny textures; and lighter colours set against darker ones. The striking nature of Scandinavia is echoed by our muted colour scheme punctuated with hot accents.

Styling Group Shot Render

We designed the 3D geometric master brand logo to be layered with different meanings depending on where and when used: science, expertise, alchemy, natural products, and more to signal the properties and preciousness of the Scandinavian ingredients.

Time To Relax Sensamin Box Render

Brand marketing featured contemporary, elegant typography orientated around a geometric interpretation of the cloudberry – hero ingredient in Eleni & Chris’ product formulations.

And our packaging is clean, stripped back, minimal, and effortless – like Scandinavian beauty itself.

Eleni Fjords Group Render

We’re so excited to see Eleni & Chris continue to grow from strength to strength. And can’t wait to see the coming new-launches.