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Vitamins & Supplements Trend Horizon | Two

The personalisation sector is on track to explode and is being fuelled by consumers’ rising expectation of ‘made for me’ products, and the fast-developing science and technology behind pinpointing and formulating for specialised needs in Vitamins & Supplements. 3D Printing has also made a great impact on customised solutions not only that but DTC cuts out the retailer and benefits both the brand and consumer from an efficiency perspective.

Vitamins & Supplements FREE THE BIRDS Heath & Beauty Wellness Design

Most companies elevate personalised supplements to Instagrammable status by labelling packaging with recipients’ names. 

Vitamins & Supplements FREE THE BIRDS Heath & Beauty Wellness Design

In March, NY-based supplement-subscription brand Care/of launched Routines, an app for creating personalised wellness routines, setting reminders for healthy habits, and logging results.  Care/of also rates supporting research on a spectrum from “limited” to “very strong” – indicating, for instance, where larger-scale studies are still needed. Pharmaceutical company Bayer AG has agreed to buy a majority stake.

Natural vitamins designed for lasting energy, improved sleep, and more. Founder Darios’ motivation was to disrupt the lack of transparency amongst the biggest industry players and to create a better solution that brings results and clarity to a world of complex vitamins and false claims.

Vitamins & Supplements FREE THE BIRDS Heath & Beauty Wellness Design

Medical Advisory Board is made up of 5 Doctors, 3 Registered Dietitians, 8 Nutritionists and a Doctor of Pharmacy who have seen over 100,000 patients in their careers. Using their combined professional expertise and drug-nutrient interaction research, they build personalised recommendations for consumers based on their unique needs, lifestyle and history. Purchased in 2019 by Nestlé Health Science demonstrates commitment by big business to personalised supplements.  

Blaze believe truly personalised nutritional support starts with the simple blood test unit they supply. From that analysis, an in depth report is produced and specific supplements alongside dietary changes are recommended to give clear direction towards optimal health.


A smaller but more future-facing group of companies base personalisation on individual biomarkers, targeting self-tracking fiends.

Vitamins & Supplements FREE THE BIRDS Heath & Beauty Wellness Design

London supplements brand Vitl offers DNA tests as well as blood-sample kits (for measuring vitamin and cholesterol levels). “Consumers aren’t just looking for data, they’re looking for it to be actionable and want a solution in one place,” says founder Jonathan Relph.


Sun Genomics
In the microbiome space, San Diego-based Sun Genomics analyses customer stool samples to create custom probiotics through its Floré brand, promoted as improving digestion, energy and bloating issues.

Next Gen Delivery Systems

Some start-ups combine two trends in one, making personalised products in alternative formats.

Vitamins & Supplements FREE THE BIRDS Heath & Beauty Wellness Design

US start-up Rootine uses DNA, blood and questionnaire data to formulate customised supplements in microbeads. Rootine says the microbeads – which can be swallowed en masse as pills or sprinkled on foods like yoghurt – enable optimal absorption throughout the day.

UK subscription company Nourished is betting that its patented 3D printing technology can make customisable multivitamins a mass-market reality. Consumers choose from pre-selected formulations. Each coloured stripe within the visually striking gummies contains a different nutrient.


Consumers’ ‘pill fatigue’ is propelling the rise of increasingly creative and efficacious formats.

Vitamins & Supplements FREE THE BIRDS Heath & Beauty Wellness Design

Sparq Vitamin Air™ is the world’s first eco-friendly vitamin inhalation device that replaces nicotine and harmful chemicals with lab-tested vitamins, amino acids and botanicals. The start-up ran a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in December 2018 and raised $108,000, an incredible 584% over its target.

For those on the go – Swedish company Nutrinovate’s Vitamin Films enable the rapid absorption of ingredients into the bloodstream

Vitamins & Supplements FREE THE BIRDS Heath & Beauty Wellness Design

Fully connected to track your results, Tespo is a vitamin dispense system, delivering bespoke or ready formulated vitamin pods that are made up into a shot through the dispense machine. For those that find swallowing tablets difficult or want to avoid the fillers and bulking agents found in other vitamin products. 

Supplements are now becoming indistinguishable from food and drink products. One such example is Canadian sports-drink brand Metta which labels its adaptogen-filled cans a “herbal supplement,” recommending two cans daily.

What does this mean for my brand?

i) Be Empowering
As Vitl is providing, entrusting a brand with your personal health data is no mean feat. The payback for consumers is a much deeper understanding of their health status and clear direction as to how to improve it from both a physical and digital tracking perspective. Not only is this felt to be easier and deliver speedy a response it ensures ongoing engagement with the brand. It also encourages deeper consumer engagement through consumers being more invested and as such, usage has shifted from being a chore to a habit.

How can you make data actionable, trackable and in turn help to reinforce compliance?


ii) Be Transparent
Supplement start-ups are detailing and sharing sources, studies, and suppliers in simple terms, and explaining how the product fits within a broader health context. They are also being very transparent with clinical research and how established it is. Where does this leave heritage brands, how can they pivot and shake off their previously held ‘authority position’ and engage on a one to one level?

How you can better engage and foster trust with consumers?


iii) Be Personal
The growth of personalised supplements shows consumers are seeking products that not only remove the need for research and guesswork but educate consumers along the way about their own health, the benefits of supplements but also what will address their individual needs the most. Beyond the personalisation category, this suggests an opportunity for niche products within broad categories like immunity and sleep support, targeting concerns specific to ages and stages.

How can your innovation pipeline address specific needs of consumers to give them the control they crave?


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