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Bringing the Beauty of Calm to new premium clean skincare brand Loum

Loum Beauty of Calm is an exciting new premium clean beauty brand developed with a leading Psycho-Dermatologist to undo the effects of stress on skin. It has been brought to market by a new company founded by former senior executives from the worlds of beauty and wellness.

We were challenged with bringing the essence of calm, both the beauty and the science, to life in the visual identity, working with a semiotician to embed scientifically-calming cues in the brands peaceful colourways and calming gradients.

This was achieved by harnessing stillness and serenity in open composition and colourways, creating an enticing full suite brand identity and brand world for Loum: including devising guidelines for the website design look and feel, typography, packaging and social media direction.


  • The Beauty of Calm line, devised by Free The Birds, is weaved throughout the site and the logo
  • Equal, balanced airy spaces are incorporated into Loum’s font and logo design
  • The models are art-directed to have their eyes closed, instantly infusing the Loum site and brand with an unconscious calm, soothing, meditative feel
  • A unifying brand theme of ‘Undo’ to evoke the power of the brand’s products showcasing the stunning visual assets for Loum’s social campaign.

The design palette of gradient soft shades bring calm to what are already established category codes for the various benefit platforms. The diffused colours, contrasted with gold accents, thread throughout the brand’s assets from the packaging to the website design. Connected with feelings of calm and peaceful environments, we reflected Loum’s mission (‘where there is stress we will bring calm’) with beautiful simplicity.

In a market of loud branding, and at a time when calm is so beneficial, these themes have been translated in a fresh way to convey a considered and informed tone through a distinctive and harmonious visual language.

We worked closely with our client and inspiration, Kat Bryce, who is the Global Brand VP, LOUM Beauty of Calm. She said: “Free the Birds took on a unique and challenging brief – how could we create a brand organically rooted in the science of calm, from its ethos to its brand identity and its execution. Their strategic and thoughtful approach helped us not only define the brand’s visual identity but create a world of calm that is not only beautiful but feels very much needed in these uncertain times. We hope that together we’ve created a brand that can truly be a force for good, enabling every woman to discover the beauty of calm”.

Nick Vaus, who is partner and creative director here at Free The Birds adds, “During a year of tumult and uncertainty, working on a project like this has been such a beacon of light for us. Calm is a complex theme and we have thoroughly enjoyed working on its portrayal as something actively beneficial. This concept has the huge benefit of being authentic: When you are calm you are even more beautiful, and the brand identity we have devised for Loum products communicates this in a number of ways. It was a fantastic brief, allowing a truly holistic approach which went so far beyond packaging and a logo design; effectively giving birth to a DTC brand – and one which feels particularly timely right now.”

Featured in a launch exclusive by US Vogue, Loum products go on sale direct to consumer at the end of August in the US, with retail expected to follow shortly afterwards. The launch range (comprising 8 skincare products including cleansers, masks, serum, moisturizers and an essential oil) is designed to undo the effects of stress on skin, including dryness / dullness, oiliness and breakouts and accelerated aging.


The Present Life team are joined in the launch by Emmy award-winning TV host, New York Times bestselling author and ‘Chief LOUMinary’ Daphne Oz, who believed in the brand so much she became a co-owner of the business.

We are proud and thrilled to have helped make the team at Present Life’s vision become a reality and, in a challenging time for our collective peace of mind, to have spread some welcome and beautiful calm.