Free the birds

Punch & Judy kid’s toothpaste relaunches with modern retelling of the classic tale

Curtains up! We’re delighted to announce that Punch & Judy, the cult children’s toothpaste brand, has just been relaunched with an identity and packaging redesign retelling the classic Punch & Judy story to appeal to modern audiences.

The rebrand initiated by Strides Global Consumer Healthcare is the first change since it acquired the Punch & Judy kid’s toothpaste brand in 2016; and coincides with its debut into Amazon Store in the UK from 22 June, 2020.

Some stories in history must be rewritten and this is certainly one of them. The new design introduces modern dad Punch who is funny, warm and prone to the occasional mishap; mum Judy who is busy, active and loves her yoga classes and the baby, who is a fearless rebel and full of character. The crocodile, who loves to show off his gleaming smile, gets a more prominent role in the updated story.

It was a pleasure to work with the acclaimed children’s book illustrator Natalie Kilany on all of the illustrations. The relaunch also includes a complete overhaul of the Punch & Judy logo, on-pack images including the tube featuring reimagined characters; and supporting design for Amazon Store launch and all e-commerce channels.

Punch & Judy toothpaste is already well-loved as it appeals to both children and parents. The brand comes in sugar-free: Simply Strawberry for 0-2 years old, and for 3 years and over Hint of Mint and Fun Bubble Gum (formerly Tutti-Frutti) flavours.

Though the Punch & Judy story, which dates back to 1662, has been updated, elements in the illustrations retain the story’s theatrical heritage. On the front of the packs Punch, Judy and the baby are framed by theatre stage curtains.

Mike Bennett, Head of Consumer Healthcare & OTC at Strides said, “Brush time can turn into a battleground and for Mums and Dads it ranks alongside getting their kids to eat their veg or getting them to go to bed as a potential source of conflict. Punch & Judy has spent years developing gentle flavours that kids love and with Free The Birds new designs we hope to make brush time a fun time for a whole new generation.”

Paul Domenet, Communications Creative Director at Free The Birds said, “Retelling and reimagining the Punch and Judy story for a more enlightened world was a joy. And giving parents characters to help win the teeth-brushing battle with their kids was an added inspiration”.