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Open Eye 24 – Welcome to Wellness


Just a quick search for #wellness on Instagram brings up around 17 million mentions. But back in late 2014 when we started putting Open Eye 24 together, it was only really just getting up to speed as a category…

As of 2018, the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) non-profit organization estimates that the wellness industry – the business and brands helping to promote activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health – is now worth 3.7 trillion dollars.


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In 2014, wellness was starting to be recognised as something distinct from being just part of healthcare or beauty or hospitality or nutrition. Indeed, the GWI was launched in autumn that year to put a figure and name to something that had been bubbling throughout the Noughties, ably aided by Oprah and her favourites Deepak Chopra, Dr Andrew Weil and Dr Oz.

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And we couldn’t help but notice what had been our three entirely discrete brand categories – health, beauty and lifestyle – were starting to blur together. And the result was Open 24 Wellness.

We talked about early fitness wearables, the rise of veganism, dairy free mylks, personalised beauty treatments, beauty cannabis, alternatives to plastic packaging and the UK’s first sleep hotel. Things which are now pretty much mainstream. Some of the examples, of course, have been superseded by newer innovations, but it’s still a future thinking and interesting read…


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