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Crowsnest: Gentleman’s Club

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As masculinity and male grooming is redefined, gender fluidity becomes more commonplace and interest in wellbeing soars, however men will always want and need their own brands, innovations and ingredients. 

Due to testosterone, male skin is thicker, oilier and ages differently to women. Men’s skin is 25% thicker than women’s and a man’s skin texture is a lot tougher. 

With regular shaving, men’s skin needs to be treated differently, hence why they need a tailored approach to skincare. Skin becomes more sensitive due to daily shaving, so men need to use clean and sharp razors to avoid razor burns and bumps.

Contemporary Cool

The men’s grooming space is already seeing some brands portray masculinity with a toned down and more relaxed approach that focuses on simplicity and efficacy, very much in The Ordinary & Inkey List zones, however – targeted for men only.


Free The Birds / Crows Nest / Male Grooming

The Grey
A vitamin-enriched skincare pledges to target dullness on a cellular level. The company’s regimen consists of topical and ingestible products: Complementing the main line (think: charcoal face wash and antioxidant serums) is a daily eight-pill cocktail that features açai and omega-3 powders.

Bulk Homme
A premium men’s skincare brand from Japan. Skincare tools formulated to help men cultivate and maintain healthy skin. Effective, back-to-basics with natural ingredients that hydrate and protect skin.

Free The Birds / Crows Nest / Male Grooming

Archiman is a French grooming brand for men which reinvents male beauty while celebrating the new breed of men, recognisable by his impertinent elegance: very Archiman. 100% Masculine, which encourages men to take care of their most important organ: their skin. Based on a minimum of 95% natural ingredients.

Barbershop brand Fellow combines contemporary style and flare with the rugged tradition of an old-school barbershop operating in New York and San Francisco. Award winning hair and shave products.


Men tend to use sunscreen less than women, hence why there is a 15-year skin age difference between men and women. UV damage can cause skin to age quickly, therefore men need more SPF than women.

For any guys with bald or lockdown buzzed heads, this sunscreen (from a brand co-founded by Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown) is a great way to ensure he’s getting enough sun protection all over. 

Aesop (SPF 25)
A lightweight, rapidly absorbed SPF25 hydrator that provides broad-spectrum protection against the damaging effects of UVA and UVB radiation.

Paula’s Choice 4 Men (SPF 30)
Defends against sun damage with a fragrance-free, non-greasy SPF made for men.

Clinique Superdefense (SPF 40)
A daytime moisturiser that helps protect against the future signs of aging due to environmental damage.

Private Benjamin

According to Menswearstyle ‘Personal grooming boosts your confidence and it defines your personality. For men, one of the best and golden grooming tips is to keep everything neat and trimmed. It is vital to keep your chest hair, eyebrows, back, and pubic hair tamed.’

Free The Birds / Crows Nest / Male Grooming Trends

Body grooming brand Manscaped also goes beyond ‘providing the right tools for the job’ by aiming to empower men and open the dialogue on below-the-waist care, hygiene and testicular health.

Below the Belt
A range of grooming products for men from antiperspirants to sports lubricants, designed to freshen up and dry your nether regions for hours, keeping you comfortable all day long.

Born to Perform

With wellness now woven into every industry, men’s brands are vying to take a chunk out of the $4.2tn wellness market (Global Wellness Institute, 2018). Prescription medicines are being marketed to a younger audience through a wellness lens, and conditions such as hair loss and erectile dysfunction are shaking off their taboo status.

Free The Birds / Crows Nest / Male Grooming Trends

Wellness brand Asystem is challenging alpha male stereotypes by offering men a holistic guide on how to combat poor mental health and skin issues by providing skincare, supplements and advice.

Aime L’Homme
According to Aime ‘It’s time for men to take control of their faces.’ Fatigue, stress, endurance, concentration: even the modern man could use a boost in his daily life. The formula is specifically developed with the needs of men in mind, and fits easily into their daily routine.

What does this mean for my brand?

i) Consider the Values of Modern Masculinity
Use your reach to generate conversations about gender equality and the role of modern men in society. Implement a consistent voice across marketing, packaging and social media that aligns with these values.


ii) Take Cues from Women
With the natural and organic products category becoming more saturated, think about how quality ingredients, clever storytelling and eye-catching packaging can attract attention. As more men embrace multi-step skincare routines, look for ways to expand your offering beyond everyday basics. Consider how skincare products can be marketed as self-care rituals with benefits beyond aesthetics.


iii) Rethink Men’s Healthcare
Go one step further to appeal to the growing numbers of health-conscious male consumers. Stand out by creating a brand that offers conversation, community and education alongside e-commerce. Consider offering tailored solutions, bespoke packages or one-on-one expert advice.


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