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Lucky Bird

Spreading Peace and Doves for the New Decade

This year we sent out wishes to our friends and clients in the form of Lucky Bird doves to ring in the New Year.

Birds are seen as a lucky symbol in many cultures around the world and the timing was designed as a “First Foot” style celebration, when the first person to enter a household in the New Year brings good fortune for the coming year.

The whole studio got involved with designing, making and posting the birds, which were created using origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, and printed in Pantone’s Colour of the Year.  Pantone announced Classic Blue as its colour for 2020 – a reflective tone to bring a sense of peace and tranquillity to the human spirit.


“It was a team effort to create and send something meaningful. This year, amidst the current political and environmental turmoil, we chose the dove, signifier of peace, and by using the Pantone colour of the year – a calm and stable blue – reinforced our message.” Nick Vaus, partner and creative director.


We’ll be building on the concept, using a different bird and format each New Year. Every bird will have a unique story and significance, allowing the narrative to evolve each time. Our positive message with each mailing read:

“In cultures around the world, birds bring light, inspiration and good luck at this time of the year. The dove, besides bringing luck, brings peace. According to Chinese legend, doves were highly favoured at the emperor’s court because of the calming effect of their cooing sound. We hope that our little bird brings you both prosperity and tranquillity.”

“Birds as a token of luck appealed to us. We wanted one of these lucky birds to land on the desks of those who are important to us at the dawn of a new year to spread good fortune. We’re starting our own ‘Lucky Bird’ tradition.” Paul Domenet, partner and communications creative director.