Free the birds
Free The Birds

Libérez Les Oiseaux

Une Nuit á Paris

At Free The Birds we are, as you would expect, big believers in liberation.

This includes freeing our people from the confines of their desks and these shores occasionally.

So, with this feeling of ‘liberté, as well as liberal doses of ‘egalité and ‘fraternité’, the agency headed across the channel to Paris for our Summer Soirée.

Naturally there was some Beautiful Thinking involved.

A group outing to the incredible, inspiring digital world of Sabrina Ratté

and the playfully bizarre, soft sculptures of Nelly Ben Hayoun

And, of course, there was also some Beautiful Drinking involved as well as Beautiful Eating.

When in Paris …

So, minds and palates were equally stimulated over the two days which we spent in one of the downright coolest, most beautiful cities in the world.

We returned refreshed.

Some maybe a little too refreshed.

But all carrying bundles of Paris’s most celebrated product – joie de vivre.