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Let’s Stretch!: The Brand Extensions that should Exist but don’t

Deciphering extension in the 21st century is a veritable minefield, which our Open Eye 27 Stretch empowers brands to navigate. But rather than just making assertions, we couldn’t resist putting our money where our mouth is and designed the brand extensions that should exist, but don’t…

The theme for our Open Eye 27 – Stretch was inspired by Carlsberg’s Beer Beauty men’s personal care products: just one of a stream of extensions that range from the sublime to the utterly ridiculous (KFC-flavoured nail varnish anyone?!).

"It's all very well for us to *tell*, but could we actually *do*? So we put our money where our mouth is, and created ten brand extensions that should exist, but don't."

With brand extensions now making up the huge majority of ‘new’ products that launch every year, getting extension right is a must. We dissected the art and science of 21st century brand extension into three categories: Migration (shifting into alternative categories), Marriage (multi-brand collaboration), and Metamorphosis (operating in any way in any category, and usually feigned by using Limited Editions as it’s almost impossible).

But it’s all very well for us to *tell*, but could we actually *do*? So we put our money where our mouth is, and created ten brand extensions that should exist, but don’t.

The results are below. While some of our examples are incredibly playful, they all have the potential to bring added value to existing brands. Stretch is often seen as an easier, cheaper way to drive growth, but doing it well takes almost as much thought as creating something from scratch. Quirky stunts are great to grab attention, but combine that with a strategic brand idea and that’s when stretch can really go the distance.



Wall’s Love the Sun! Sun Cream Synonymous with the British summer, who better than Wall’s to encourage kids to use sun cream, and the brand can use its ice cream vans as a novel distribution channel – providing the products when and where people really need them.


WD40 Joint Care

WD40 owns multifunctional lubrication, with a truly iconic and global visual brand equity to boot. Migrating this attribute into healthcare to relieve and loosen painful, stiff joints, where other OTC brands focus on pain or lubrication, delivers far more than a ‘me-too’ product.


Schweppes Indian Tonic Insect Repellent

Here we leverage the quinine ingredient in Indian Tonic (with its history as an insect repellent and malaria treatment). With the added consumer benefit of a pleasant zesty orange and lemon peel fragrance, this is a real contrast to Deet and other competitors.


Duracell Pro Power

Even teetering right on the edge of Metamorphosis, Duracell’s unchallenged position in everlasting power is brought to bear in the energy drink and supplement’s category.

OE27_Cadbury_Hi-Res copy


Cadbury’s Nytime Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate is comforting but a little too stimulating with its caffeine content, whilst Nytol is an excellent sleep aid but there’s no pleasure in the taking – bring them together and you have the best of both worlds.



A love match between Kleenex and Durex. Behemoths in their respective categories, this collaboration brings together Kleenex’ undisputed knowledge of gentle fabrics and Durex’ intimate products expertise to create the ultimate range for post-sex personal and sex toy cleansing.


Brightening Eye Wash

Weds Evian’s purity and gentleness with Optrex’ ownership of eye care to create a product that sits as happily on the beauty shelves as it does in healthcare.


Metamorphosis/Limited Editions

De Beers Fine Ice Limited Edition We capitalise on the company’s diamond heritage and the role it plays in marriage proposals. For a limited time only, buyers of De Beers’ engagement rings receive a bespoke engraved ice box and vintage champagne to create memorable proposals.

OE27_Farrow & Ball_Hi-Res_1
OE27_Farrow & Ball_Hi-Res_2

OPI x Farrow & Ball Limited Edition

Farrow & Ball paint is the ultimate in elegant home décor, with 132 historic colours and playful names, and OPI is at the apex of professional nail colour. Bring the two together for several seasonal ranges and you get a refined Limited Edition with meaningful business potential.

OE27_N Beauty_Hi-Res_2
OE27_N Beauty_Hi-Res_1

Nespresso Beauty Shots

What happens if the brand’s convenience format and caffeine ingredient move to the quick fix skin treatment category. Ideal for travel and in a set of four re-sealable, iconic shaped pods, Nespresso Beauty Shots give instant refreshment and nourishment for tired skin.