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Leaves means leaves

or does it?

Love them or hate them, there are few things in life as fundamentally divisive as Brussels sprouts on the Christmas dinner table. And it’s actually genetic: a 2011 study by Cornwall College found that 50% of people have a mutation making them unable to taste the bitter chemicals abundant in the round, little veg – while for the 50% without the mutation, sprouts taste positively horrible!

Something else that will likely prove just as divisive a topic over the festive table this year: Brexit. Forget sprouts, or even Marmite, never has there been something more likely to provoke argument between family, friends and neighbours.

As we go into 2019, who knows if this will be our last Christmas with Brussels – sprouts or indeed otherwise…

So we decided to pay tribute to the humble little veg and the division and uncertainty caused by the prospect of Brexit. Does “leaves means leaves”? Does “sprout means sprout”? The discussion is still being had.

And whether we’re in or out, whether we love them or hate them, it’s certainly a moment in time to reflect on the momentous change ahead.

And who knows if for next year, we’ll need to rebrand the humble sprout entirely for Christmas 2019? Watch this space….