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Global Beauty Trends of 2020

Purposeful beauty is something we talk about a lot at Free The Birds. Because who wouldn’t want to do good while buying something you already want? We not only choose the products for our own studio on that basis, but also on who we love to work with. We actively want to make the world a more beautiful place. And we reflect something true of wider society. Indie brands brimming with purpose like The Soap Co., Beauty Kitchen, LOLI Beauty, Sana Jardin and BYBI tackle environmental and social issues and deliver great product – are capturing both headlines and market share. Kantar Millward Brown’s latest BrandZ™ survey looking at 87 brands between 2006 and 2017 found that the top third (High Purpose brands) grew nearly three times more over that period than the bottom third (Low Purpose brands). And this shift will only become more pronounced as more young consumers gain spending power. A recent survey of 13-25 year-olds by Do Something Strategic found that 77% of respondents have purchased products solely because they support the brand’s values. And roughly 2 out of 5 of them do this regularly.

Beauty in 2020 simply requires brands to stand for something way beyond delivering a great product. It can’t just be recyclable packaging or choosing sustainable ingredients that don’t damage the rain forests or support women to escape from poverty, they will have to do something on every front, in a meaningful way that’s congruent to the brand. And be able to explain and communicate it through every brand activation, without green or woke-washing. It’s the biggest challenge we all face and one that we have some serious Free The Birds Beautiful Thinking on.

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