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Crowsnest: Mother Nature

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Crowsnest: Mother Nature

Vitamins & Supplements Trend Horizon | Two

The supplement industry’s focus is shifting toward herbs and botanicals as consumers embrace plants in all forms.
Ancient wisdom and alternative medicine are now being viewed through a scientific lens focused on results and evidence, rather than gimmicks.
Younger consumers are especially keen, driven by their growing affinity for plants and trust in age-old approaches and are less likely than their boomer counterparts to take the advice of their doctor.

Vitamins & Supplements FREE THE BIRDS Heath & Beauty Wellness Design
Natural Remedies

CRN reports the US herbals and botanicals category grew by 19 percentage points between 2015-19, boosted by younger buyers.

Vitamins & Supplements FREE THE BIRDS Heath & Beauty Wellness Design

8 Greens
US brand 8Greens targets “people with busy lives, believing that no matter how busy people are, they can improve their health and wellness. One effervescent tablet delivers B5, B6, B12, Zinc & Vitamins C in quantities that would be a challenge to consume daily as fresh produce.

Founded in Lisbon in 1977, Biocol Labs is the post-chemical pharmacy, creating health essentials for modern men and women seeking a natural and efficient lifestyle which they believe is not provided by traditional healthcare Biocol has the power of minerals and plants at its heart and offers natural OTCs in over 20 countries.

Ancient Wisdom

Reverence is growing for age-old plant-based practices – whether based on folkloric traditions, or ancient (especially Eastern) systems like traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.

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Some brands are integrating healing practices with products, like NY acupuncture-studio start-up which sells herbalist-formulated supplements. The name Wthn comes from the belief that we all have the power to heal and thrive from our body’s natural defences and that should be supported.

In 2019, the UK’s National Health Service began testing to see if an Ayurvedic alternative called Andrographis could be provide an alternative to antibiotics for certain infections, using supplements from British brand Pukka.


A new wave of vegan supplement companies position themselves at the centre of a plant-based lifestyle with the benefits clearly signposted through their nomenclature and branding.

Vitamins & Supplements FREE THE BIRDS Heath & Beauty Wellness Design

Well Told
Canadian botanical supplements brand Well Told includes a recipes page on its website based on key ingredients. Its products are centred on formulations that you either can’t get from food alone (such as Vitamin D) or that are impossible to get in sufficient quantities to be therapeutic.

Moon Dust
Adaptogenic wellbeing brand Moon Dust is committed to transparency with 100% of its bioactive products containing traceable and unadulterated ingredients addressing the needs of consumers by bridging the world of alchemy and biology for functional benefits. 

What does this mean for my brand?

i) Think Prevention rather than Cure
Now a buzzword, with established and new players exploring opportunities in herbals and naturals. We’re also seeing this evolution in approach within traditional OTC healthcare. Supplements are well placed as a marker to encourage healthier living and support busy lifestyles. It’s far simpler to prevent or keep a condition under control than fix an acute problem or flare up.

How do you encourage your consumers to embrace your product by immersing it in their busy routines?


ii) Think Cross fertilisation
Brands that promote healthy lifestyles have an exciting opportunity to create alliances with other wellness-centric companies, or extend into new categories such as fitness and food themselves. Wthn, for instance, operates an acupuncture studio, and also sells supplements. Also think about multitasking products such as Metta which provides hydration as well as herbal supplementation.

Who would your ideal collaboration partner be, that fit your ideals and principles?


iii) Think Science & Spirituality
Win over the consumer who prizes science and a spiritual element by taking both seriously. Ancient wisdom and alternative medicine are now being viewed through a scientific lens focused on results and evidence, rather than gimmicks. Consider how you can demonstrate your proof points, product trials and reviews to reassure consumers of brand efficacy.


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