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Crowsnest, Household

Crowsnest: Beauty of Household

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We’ve created a new name for this new hybrid, Beauty Household, focusing on both the emerging aesthetic and considering how the category fits into the way consumers live their lives and shop brands. Legacy brands and retailers must stop and reassess how they can transition away from their traditional commodity category approach in order to protect their hard won consumer loyalty and to enable future growth. The race has started through acquisitions by the global businesses but it isn’t won yet.

Touch of Lux

Displaying Homecare brands isn’t something consumers have traditionally done, until now. The impact of a stunning design aesthetic has finally been given the recognition it deserves. Branding and packaging with lux design credentials is a way of saying something about the owner, proud to display in their kitchen or bathroom, to be seen in real life or on a Zoom call! 

Free The Birds

Tom Dixon
Aggressively branded, artificially perfumed doesn’t make dishwashing endearing. Tom Dixon has done something about it, creating an alternative which is destined to command pride of place in any self-respecting kitchen. The gel is antibacterial and contains aloe vera. Its delicious London scent won’t linger on your plate. Free from Parabens and SLS.

Lenor – Parfum Des Secrets / Created by Free The Birds
Lenor’s most premium variant in its broad portfolio. A superior and sophisticated perfume inspired fabric conditioner scents delivered within a faceted bottle and elegant brand design. 

Scents and Sensibility

In this crowded and busy world, one way or the other, brand design and packaging must stand out against others in order to catch our attention. But it doesn’t necessarily mean louder colours, more claims, more words – quite the opposite in fact. 

Free The Birds

An indulgent washing detergent to treat the clothes you love with a hint of luxury. Taking on board perfume semiotics and moving away from the usual functional type of bottles usually associated with detergent. L’EAUNDRY not only cleans but cares for special items such as negligees, cashmere jumpers and silk pillowcases delivering beautiful scent too.

The Laundress
New York brand The Laundress are masters of the perfect fragrance colab. Whether it’s partnering with Le Labo, delivering their signature scents in a new format or Aromatherapy Associates, clearing the senses with their 100% pure essential oils, the formulations are effective in all temperatures and systems, using the finest natural ingredients without testing on animals.

Own Label

With consumers more than willing to try private label, legacy brands now have to deliver far more than just stylish packaging to get consumers to pay higher prices because private label has the gorgeous packaging covered.

Free The Birds

EverSpring: Target
US retailer Target’s attractive eco cleaning range is pitched as ‘down-to-earth solutions that are up to Earth’s standard’. From all-purpose cleaners with 100% recyclable bottles + sprayers to compostable multi-surface wipes and 100% recycled paper.

Uniquely J
An own-brand range of grocery and household products with hundreds of different every day items. All of them with a disruptive look representative of each of their different categories. Their bold and eye-catching designs are unexpected – from tattoo-inspired to geometric shapes – products are designed for millennial urban dwellers, with high expectations, lower incomes and limited storage space.

What does this mean for your brand?

Less is more
A recent academic study from Montpellier Business School in the leading academic journal Retailing and Consumer Services entitled ‘Is less more or a bore?’ examined packaging design simplicity and brand perception. The research studied three different champagne labels of simple, mid and complex design with over 300 consumers. Over half (52%) strongly preferred the simplest label, with it being associated with modernity, reliability, authenticity, success and sobriety. Extremely pertinent when we consider some of the main purchase drivers for household cleaning.  Does your brand have too much baggage and need some help in working through what is important in today’s world?

The New Landscape
With the changing and challenging world, what does this mean for Homecare? What we already know is that mass legacy brands are falling behind. Most Homecare brands remain static, without their own e-commerce sites, let alone plugged into subscription models, automatic reordering or personalised fragrance offerings. And realistically, apart from the most fanatic of cleaning fanatic, no-one is going to share a selfie with their box of laundry pods in the background! Does your brand need to evolve its USPs or its brand proposition in this New Landscape? We can help.

Get Personal
Gen Z consumers are even more demanding. Nearly half (48%) wanted tools in-store and online to let them personalise their own products and 42% wanted tools to be able to design their own products entirely and 3D print them, according to joint research from IBM and the US National Retail Federation. There is a huge opportunity in the household space for personalisation from packaging to fragrance to formats.
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