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Cosmetics Business Report: The 5 Key Trends in Bath and Body Care

Amid a dynamic and fast-changing bath and body care market, brand distinction, and a driving purpose is everything. The bath and body category is growing robustly: according to Euromonitor, the global market is expected to grow 28% through to 2023, from $16.0bn in 2019 to $20.5bn, with mass-market slightly outperforming the premium sector. Bath and body care is no different from any other beauty category in that, to succeed, brands need a meaningful purpose that consumers can connect to, product that delivers on consumers’ needs, which is then expressed beautifully through formats, packaging, and communications.

Bath and body care is one of the most intimate beauty categories to use. It takes an investment of time and provides a personal connection to the most intimate parts of your body. Which is a place that is often neglected compared to the focus on our faces, even though the rest of our body makes up the vast majority of its surface area and some of its most interesting – and embarrassing – functions!  Indie body care has led the march into hyper-focused, multifunctional body care from décolletage to feet via the v-zone, which reflects that each part of the body needs different products at different times of the day, month, season or life stage, even. Think powerful ingredients for positive aging, sexual wellbeing, stress reduction, and sleep enhancement, as well as more taboo-breaking over the reality of real human bodies that come with hair, stretch marks, rough skin and more besides. This is a white space for mass heritage brands to step into in a meaningful way, to provide products that transcend function into true self-care.

Skincare has had a huge revolution in the past decade and that’s not been about brands going after demographics per se, it’s been about efficacy, transparency, sustainability, sensoriality, removing the BS. Focused solutions and fantastic experiences – something we pay particular attention to and have some serious Free The Birds Beautiful Thinking on.

Some of them from Nick Vaus featured heavily in Cosmetics Business’ respected Trend Report on Bath and Body Care. Cosmetics Business is subscriber-only but please do get in contact if you’d like to hear more about this or the wider beauty branding market.

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Cosmetics Business' Bath and Body Care Trend Report