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For when clean is not enough, our latest DTC brand creation Cert. A waterless, Covid-era detergent and disinfectant

A new DTC disinfectant and detergent product, Cert., has launched in response to the Covid pandemic with branding, packaging and identity by Free The Birds. Believed to be the first domestically available cleaner of its kind, Cert. is simple to use: fill the clear Cert. branded bottle with 500ml of water and a dissolvable tablet, spray and destroy the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19 in just 60 seconds.

Cert. is the first direct-to-consumer launch from Hydrachem – the leading suppliers of hospital standard cleaning and disinfecting products for the NHS – to provide a dissolvable tablet which provides effective surface cleaning against the Covid virus, by using detergent and disinfectant. initially Cert. launched online as a DTC starter pack through

Free The Birds won the Hydrachem business in a lockdown pitch that took a matter of days from briefing to final decision, and then just three weeks to deliver every detail of the project: from devising a name, and producing a design brand world including the logo, social messaging, brandingand an explanatory booklet – including sourcing popular trigger spray bottles and mop. The name, Cert., devised by Free The Birds, plays with the words certainty and certified to add trust – while using a contemporary device of short-form to stamp the brand clearly into a protective circle.

Paul Domenet, Communications Creative Director at Free The Birds said “The circular logo is a brand idea within a brand design: it tells the story of the product, representing a simple, authoritative zone of certainty, outside which the germ particles dissolve, creating a visual demonstration of the power of Cert. within an echo of the look of the Covid virus itself. “Since Covid, the enemy is no longer dirt – it is uncertainty – and the pandemic has focused global attention on everyday cleaning practices, elevating good hygiene into the public discourse.” The formulation is about sustainability as well as hygiene – the design is easier and cost-effective to ship, and encourages the re-use of the spray bottle, making it a much more environmentally-conscious option for the consumer and the planet.

Robin Rough, managing director of Hydrachem said: “Your home should be your sanctuary, a place of safety and control, but the home care category has become vast and complicated, creating products for ever-more niche occasions. Cert. disrupts the category conventions, uniting the credibility of Hydrachem with a simple solution matched by a sustainable proposition. “With Free The Birds, we created a powerful partnership for our brand, working with a speed and agility that was entirely appropriate for our times – and invaluable for the launch of Cert. The agency’s rapid move to understand the market, their insights into packaging helping to create a cleaning brand that you are proud to have on your countertop, has set a benchmark for us going forward” Concluded Robin.

Hydrachem, a British company, has specialised in this area of disinfection for almost 50 years. Cert.’s tablet has the same formula and strength and level of disinfection as the one Hydrachem manufacturers for the NHS, and recommended by Public Health England. Hydrachem products are also accredited by the British Retail Consortium, and the company sells its products to hospitals, food and catering companies, agriculture and blue-chip retailers.

Nick Vaus, Creative Director at Free The Birds said: “It’s been an intense working partnership, and we’ve all been absolutely invested in such an important product. With Covid such a sensitive subject, it’s been a challenge, but Cert. is helping to rebuild the hygiene category as a positive space, one that is increasingly important to the consumer and the world we all want to live in.”

Laboratory tests, carried out by an accredited facility in Hamburg to the EN14476 efficacy standard, prove that the Cert. destroys SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19.



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