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BrewDog’s goes B Corp – but the biggest victory is yet to come  

We’ve been hearing a lot about B Corp lately, including announcements from Graze, BrewDog, and Ocado’s new B Corp aisle, as the official ‘B Corp Month’ gets underway.

As an agency, we’re at the very beginning of our journey to becoming B Corp and so it’s been very interesting for us to start thinking about the ongoing responsibilities and opportunities new B Corp companies have – beyond the certification itself.

BrewDog’s new B Corp status is a big win that further differentiates the challenger brand in an industry dominated by big faceless brewing giants. But the bigger victory is the change it could spearhead within the brewing industry as a whole by bringing the B Corp agenda to an audience that’s not exactly known for its eco-progressive credentials.


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The proof will be in how BrewDog translates its B Corp status into genuine, tangible action. For instance, will its new landmark hospitality offer – a new bar, restaurant and hotel in the heart of Manchester, greenlit this week – be a bastion of progressive social and environmental values?

Similarly, Ocado’s launch of a new B Corp aisle now makes it the largest stockist of B Corp products of any major British grocery retailer, with 1,100 products from over 35 brands. It’s a sure sign of growing consumer awareness, and demand, for B Corp products, as well as an opportunity for Ocado to align itself with the B Corp agenda.



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But it’s also an invitation to Ocado to go further. What more could, and should, they be doing to encourage greater environmental and social transparency than simply stocking these increasingly sought-after products?

As the celebration of B Corp month unfolds, and Free The Birds continues its own gradual B Corp journey, we need to imagine how we can help fuel, non-fossil of course, the opportunities this growing community and its allies have to trigger long-lasting and much-needed positive change to people, society and the planet.

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Paul Domenet: Partner and Communications Director