Free the birds

We are a company in every sense of the word. We are open, collaborative and inclusive. But above all, we are ‘we’. When you talk to any of us, you’re talking to all of us.


Nick is responsible for the creative concepts and development from the agency. Or the Beautiful Thinking stuff. The rigour and relevance of the concepts, the perfection of the execution, the all-round inspiration, imagination and general ‘swipe-me-sideways-that’s-brilliant’ – ness of everything. And Nick is very, very, very, add a very, attentive to detail. Expect high standards. He does.

Sara heads up the client services team. She co-ordinates the creative, account-handling and strategic teams to make sure the partnership is always running smoothly and is focussed. Part business leader, part shepherdess. Sara also makes sure everything is on time and on budget. And isn’t that the tune everyone wants to hear?

Paul articulates our clients’ brand objectives and point of difference into beautiful thoughts which aim to engage any impassioned employee or passing consumer. He uses and champions an unusual raw material often undervalued in the world of design – words. In the form of manifestos, campaigns, scripts, stories and strategies. This is how Beautiful Thinking talks.

Free The Birds Team
Free The Birds