Free the birds

Health & Wellness, Brand Revitalisation


Understand First
The Berocca brand needed a dose of its own medicine as it was losing market share. This was a great opportunity to give Berocca some Berocca from a design point of view and make it fizz.

Beautiful Thinking
The new packaging design was created to reflect Berocca’s renewed ambition “to unleash positivity” for consumers. We took the renowned bullet logo and evolved it into a modern, confident, identity that has stronger authority and standout to aid consumer navigation on shelf building a clear distinction between core Berocca products that deliver “energy” through the day, and those that offer an instant hit “boost”.
We also worked on making the scientific aspects of Berocca more accessible by redesigning the back of each pack, creating a layout that is more inviting to read and that outlines product benefits and the clinical evidence that it works.